Saturday, February 9, 2008

Water Restrictions Loosened

Some areas in Georgia are now loosening the water restrictions with the recent rains filling up some smaller reservoirs. That is good news for lawn service companies, pressure washing companies, and other services dependent on H20. Now does this mean we should go out and run sprinkler systems all day everyday? Of course not. We should conserve as much as possible so we don't have a shortage due to wastefulness. Shortages due to no rain can not be controlled but using water unwisely can be stopped.
This drought has affected my lawn service business and also my pressure washing service. The lawn care obviously slows when it it dry & really hot, but I do not do sprinkler systems or plant installs so I did not have to constantly check on local restrictions. But using water for pressure washing was / is a constant effort in calling each city to see what their restrictions are, and checking often. I went to get a one day permit in Winder about 5 days after I checked on requirements only to arrive at the water department and find out the requirements had changed and NO permits were being issued. It takes a lot of effort just to find out what is ok and not but I think the companies left standing after this past season will do well in the next couple of years as many small businesses have fallen by the wayside.