Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tell your local officials about water concerns

If you want to use your sprinkler system this summer you better round up your neighbors and get to every local government meeting you can attend. If you do not, the draconian water restrictions will go on way too long. We have seen a good deal of rain this winter and local reservoirs are doing fine now. But government moves slower than a snail with rock salt poured on it so they will be in no hurry to change things back to normal. Does this mean we do not care about our water supply? Of course not, we should conserve as much as possible. This means running sprinkler systems in the late evening or very early morning instead of running them in the heat of the day. And checking to find out how much you should be watering per week. There is no need to water every day. Three to four time a week is fine and if things get really dry again just cut back more. But to not use these sprinkler systems that cost thousands of dollars is ridiculous.
If you think your local government knows what is best just consider this story of government waste from my area. Link. Jefferson officials approved tax payer money to be spent on a new radio station as part of a recreation center. The station had a new technology but produced a weak signal and could hardly be picked up by anyone and the internet stream it ran was rarely listened to according to the stations own data. This information from the story says it all, " From July through December, Radio Jefferson only generated $9,190 in income, but had expenses of $151,400. In December, the station had no income and expenses of $6,050". These are the type of people in charge of your water.

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