Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lawn Service & the Economy

Everyone I talk to lately says their workload is slow. No matter what business they are in they are not that busy right now. The economy is slow and has been for a while. Gas prices , especially Diesel ($3.40 here and was $1.50 only a couple years back), are a problem and the Drought in the Southeast has hurt this region. Landscapers have laid off crews due to slower maintenance accounts because of no rain and water restrictions have almost stopped plant installation. No one wants to pay a lot of cash for living things that need water and cannot be watered. Pressure washing companies cannot do anything in most areas unless using well water. I can only imagine the mower and power equipment dealers problems since it would be difficult to sell stuff that is not in use right now. Car washes are even suffering with Jefferson closing 4 car washes due to water restrictions. One company was even using 80% recycled water but the 20% regular city water caused him to be closed as well. What incentive does that give to anyone else considering doing something positive to save water? ZERO. Why would any car wash invest in equipment to conserve water when they could be closed down and not able to pay for the new equipment?
Things will pick up eventually but a storm must be weathered first. I have often read about the most successful companies are the ones that adapt to the environment the best. Now is the time to really adapt!

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