Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dusty Conditions

Dusty Conditions

With the severe dry weather this year, dust hast been awful for me & others doing lawn care. I am covered up with dirt & grime by time I get home. I, unlike most guys I see out mowing, wear a dust mask and still get dirt all up my nose. I do not see how anyone makes it with no protection from the dust. By the way I see most guys without any ear protection and most important of all no safety glasses. That is plain dumb. I get hit in the face area a lot and without my glasses I would have been injured. Goggles are even better because they keep dust out as well. I got some good ones off ebay once and I need to order some more (just don’t leave them on the dash of your truck in the heat or the liner will melt.) I may try a respirator next season to see if that helps block more dust while not making it too hot to stand it on my face. All this dust we are inhaling is obviously not the healthiest thing imaginable so we need to protect ourselves.



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