Sunday, October 7, 2007

Finding Dealers for Lawn Service Equipment

How do you choose your lawn service equipment dealer? I chose mine by word of mouth and have been pretty satisfied, but not as much lately. I rarely have a problem on pricing so that is no problem. I like good service. Lately I have had a couple of repairs on my old mower and when I picked it up I had another problem so I had to bring it right back. I am looking at another dealer that supplies me with another mower in the event I need to leave mine for repair. Unheard of around my area.
I do recognize price when it is a big difference. Blades for instance are expensive at the dealer. But I have found them online much cheaper but lower quality. So I then found Express Mower Parts
which is about 30% cheaper than the dealer and offers free shipping with $100 + orders. The products from them have been great quality and shipped fast to me. Bottom line is price is the main difference to most people but to me customer service means more. If I think I have been jacked up on a price I just do not go back to that dealer ($67 belt at a dealer I never used before or after that!).


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