Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Drought (continued)

I had blogged a little about our drought earlier in the year and it is still here. We got some rain in August but it did not come close to catching up for the year. One city near me has run out of water in its reservoir and is buying water from a nearby city and they have doubled the water rates to pay for the extra cost. It is really bad and some older folks I talk to say it is as dry as they EVER remember. The grass is dismal looking in most areas but I am surprised it grows at all and it has been growing just enough to keep a 2 week schedule going. This drought is bad on a lot of people especially lawn service providers. Hopefully next season will be better.
One problem I have is the side service I depend on (pressure washing) is slower than normal. The water restrictions do not apply to that service but I think homeowners assume it is restricted for everyone not just homeowners. So that has quieted my cell phone considerably. If you are getting a lot of rain and feel like you never can catch up because of the rain, don't complain..... the alternative is bleak.


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