Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leaf Business

Most lawn service providers do some leaf removal in the Fall. In my area it is not a popular service, as most people just leave them on the lawn until spring (not a good idea). I just mulch my few accounts that do want leaves handled. I don't have enough leaf business to justify buying a bagger attachment for my mowers. In the event of a large amount of leaves I just blow them together and tarp them up. But I do all of them on a regular basis so unless they all fall in a short period of time mulching works fine. I don't do "one time" leaf clean ups since it takes too long & no one is willing to pay for that amount of time. Leaf work is a dusty aggravating ordeal with wind blowing th opposite way that you are mowing or blowing but it does provide some money in a slow period for grass growth. And this year in my area the plant installs are going to be slow because of the intense watering ban even on businesses. I don't do any installs but many depend on them in the fall & early spring.


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