Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making Mistakes

Mistakes happen right? Right. Nothing can be done about it right? Wrong. We can be careful and pay attention to detail to minimize mistakes. Also the biggest thing we can do is be honest when we do make a mistake and try to rectify it then. I recently had a client who was unhappy with a couple of things about their lawn. One of the problems I was aware of and doing my best to correct it each visit. The other was just an oversight on my part. Some grass clippings were left in the pine straw bed. Now of course there should not have been thrown in that direction in the first place (helper was mowing), but it was my fault for not blowing it out good enough. When my customer emailed me about the problem I was mad at myself of course because I do take pride in what I do. I offered a credit for that mow and apologized for the error. The client understood and refused the credit. Now everyone is not that understanding, believe me! But all we can do is be honest and fix what we may screw up.
I’ve been fortunate to not have too many complaints over the years. The one that sticks out is a lady about 9 years ago. There was some kind of wildflower popping up right in the middle of the lawn. Everyone who has ever had them told me to just cut them. Well she had other ideas. She called up on the following Saturday and said she had planned to put them on her grandson’s Birthday cake!!!! Craziest thing I have ever heard. That was the end of that relationship.

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