Sunday, July 15, 2007

Networking (meeting people)

I think a lot about networking or meeting new people. The obvious purpose business-wise is to get more business. Now, just going to ball games and church and spewing an advertising campaign will not work and that crap makes people sick. One lady that was an acquaintance of my wife was awful about that stuff with whatever MLM “business” she was in on that given day. It seems to me the most successful people in small businesses are the ones who have lasted for a while and over the years just met a lot of people and of course did good work. Bad quality work will get you nowhere even if you are friends with 10 million people. Also people who are just friendly and outgoing seem to do well in business because they are generally good salesmen.
I am not that outgoing so I don’t really meet too many new people. So I rely on advertising more than networking. My wife can talk to anyone about anything so she would be a great salesman for me or anyone. She has started a small photography biz and I know she will do very well because she will not hesitate to tell people, “Hey I am in business, buy from me”. I am way too subtle for my own good, but it is just the way I am. We all have things we are good at and things we suck at, so we need to find those things out and get help when possible for areas in which we need the most help. The more people you know the more you can grow.

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