Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zero Turn Mowers vs. Walk Behinds.

Zero Turn Mowers vs. Walk Behinds.

I see the debate all the time on message boards ( … Which one is better, a walk behind or a zero turn rider. Obviously it depends on your need. A part timer with only a few small yards can get away with only a walk behind. They are cheaper and easier to work on generally. If you are full time and have several huge lawns I’d say a zero turn is a must. They are faster and much easier on your body. They are more expensive but it is well worth it. I have 2 Ztrs(zero turn radius) and one walk behind. I mainly use the WB (walk behind) as a back up and use the riders daily. The WB leaves a great cut and is about as fast on a small lawn that is landscaped correctly so you do not have to back up (not fun with a WB unless you have a hydro drive). But the riders will easily outpace them on a big property. Two years ago My main rider was in the shop & I used the Toro WB for 3 days and my body felt it too. I’m sure I would have gotten used to it and not been sore after using it regularly but I did not want to try it.
On the flip side of all this is a push mower or most likely a self propelled push mower. Most people don’t use them especially a business. But there is an opportunity, as some homeowners do not want a heavy duty mower used. So you could find a niche to service. The benefit would be low cost and easy maintenance and easy training if you had a crew. Before you laugh, I have read about a guy in Texas with over 2000 accounts using nothing but Self Propelled push mowers. It seems to be working for him.

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