Sunday, July 29, 2007

Unique Marketing

I was just reading some threads on a message board about some different ways to market our business. Everyone knows about yellow pages, door hangers, direct mail , etc. But how can we stand out from the competition or show up in ways the others don’t know how. It takes a creative mind to do things out of the box so if you can’t think of many good ideas talk to people who are creative. Or read message boards like I have tried all the normal ad types and a few abnormal. Yellow pages have done ok while classified ads got me the most work early in my business life. Direct mail has been a complete bust for me. They say repetition is the key, but I’d go broke waiting on it to kick in. Too much money for very little return. Flyers have are cheap and I have got a few good accounts from them. Word of mouth has been the best for me as I’m sure it is for many established businesses. But a new business can hardly rely on just word of mouth.

Some different type of marketing I have tried: ad space on a local map ($250 wasted), business cards dropped on driveways inside a bag with a rock to hold bag in place (unprofessional looking I admit & no return on doing it), referral program (ok… most will refer just because they like my work). Some ideas I have not tried & don’t think they would work : ads on backs of store receipts, ads on benches, service magic type services (they send leads for $xx per lead… works for some but I don’t see it in my area.

Leave your comments as to what ideas you have to do some unique marketing. Some ideas I am going to try: contest driving potential clients to my website, this blog (mainly to sell landscape products), volunteer at charity charity, biz card dropped off with a Frisbee or other small gift.

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