Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beat the Heat!

Man it is hot. 98 – 99 here all week. I start as early as possible & it is still hot by 10 am. I start at 6:30 pretty much everyday,,,,, well not from tomorrow on as school is back & I am the school bus for my kids. I drink nothing but water all day & keep a wet towel around my neck when I feel really hot. I usually pour cold water inside my cap & that helps a little while. It also seems like the hotter it is, the dirtier I get. I guess since my clothes are soaked the dust sticks to me more! Anyway…. Keep cool…. if you feel like you are getting too hot just stop and at least take a break in the shade or go home for the day. If you die you can’t do the lawns anymore so one day late is better than nothing. All for now. Comments below. Also let me know what kind of articles you would like to see linked to here each week.

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