Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entertainment at work

How do you keep from getting bored while mowing? I listen to my mp3 player all day everyday. I rarely listen to music, which I have plenty, instead I listen to podcasts (google it if you do not know about it). Basically podcasts are talk radio without the radio. They update daily or twice a week and can be downloaded with a pod catcher (software...free ones are available) automatically. I like music but hearing the same things over and over get old. I could not listen to the radio long since I hate commercials also. I have satellite radio in my personal truck & love it. I wear hearing protection with my ear phones in my ears & have no trouble hearing my equipment in case there is a problem and the sound is very clear from my ZEN (mp3 player I have). It has been a while since I mowed a full day with no player in my ear. I would be bored to tears! Some lawns I have mowed for several years and could almost do blindfolded (don't try it) so I need something to keep my mind busy. I listen to a few podcasts and the links are below. All are free except Rome's. What are some you all listen to??
Free Talk Live
Jim Rome Show
Geek News Central
Dave Ramsey Show
DSC (sometimes)
Jersey Todd (sometimes)

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Jersey Todd said...
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Jersey Todd said...

Only sometimes - I'll do whatever it takes for you to listen all the time! Either way, thanks for the support...