Sunday, August 26, 2007

Biz Names and Logos

What is in a name? Plenty if you ask some. Others think it does not matter if you pick Razor Lawn Care or M&M Lawn Care. I’m in the latter camp. The thing that makes the name recognizable is the company’s consistency, customer service, dependability, competitive pricing, etc. Reece’s Buttercups aren’t loved because they picked a great name, but because they taste great and have been around a long time. I would say that a catchy but not too gimmicky name or logo will help jump start a lawn service business or any business. There is a pest control company in my area that uses Volkswagen Beetle’s as company cars….get it Bugs … Pest Control? And I have seen stories about company cars being hot pink or bright green to catch the client’s eye. These ideas work well to get initial attention but if the work is not good it will only be easy to point out which service sux. I do think that having a nice clean logo on anything you advertise on is a good plan. It may not lead to direct calls, but people will get your logo in their mind over time. It may even take a few years, but I assume you plan on being in business 4 years from now so have patience. I get very few calls from people who see my truck (rolling billboard) and want service right away. But most everyone knows who I am by that truck & signage. So when the need arises they are likely to call on me for help with their lawn or house washing. Logos should be simple and easy to put on shirts, signs, letterhead, postcards, etc. You can even get a logo made on ebay!



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