Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lawn Care Equipment

When I first got into the lawn service biz (part time) I used a crappy home owners riding mower that lasted about a year and a half. I rarely sharpened the blades and never changed the oil or air filter. That may be why it did not last long! Not really, things just broke on it as it was made to cut one lawn ever week or so, not 5 or 6 each week. I finally got a commercial ZTR (Dixie Chopper) and man what a difference. I cut my work time way down and my body felt better using good equipment all day. I was still part time at this point so the mower did not get used as much as it was designed to. I did sharpen the blades every 10 hours and changed the oil regularly but neglected the air filter. The reason,,,, I did not know where it was! Knuckle head! It finally bit me one day when it would not crank and we had to wench it up on the truck. The carburetor needed adjusting, I assume from the filter being totally clogged. Needless to say I am a little better now about maintenance. You learn by doing and it is hard to forget how to change a belt when you have done it in 95 degree heat close to a fire ant mound! I would recommend anyone getting into the lawn business to take a small class on small engine repair etc. Or they could just work with a friend a couple days to get the feel of things. It will definitely pay off. Oh yeah and don’t forget to grease the spindles and other grease points on a timely schedule.
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