Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves about your lawn business? I have a few, but they are nothing major. I don’t like sharpening blades. This is not a bad task; it is just the fact of having to do it after the real work is done and on the weekends. So it is more inconvenient than hard to do. I have even thought of offering a a blade sharpening service because I know everyone hates doing it and I am very fast at it now after sharpening hundreds of blades over the years. Another pet peeves is cleaning out from under the deck on my mowers. It is nasty stuff & draws flies & yellow jackets. It needs to be done though because the quality of the cut goes down if it is full of clumped grass. I am always thinking of a way to do it without scraping. I’ll hopefully invent a product for that & retire from cutting grass! The last thing is greasing the spindles and other points on the machines. This is not as bad now since I got an air powered grease gun but the old way was awful. The grease gun would never pump out consistently without taking it apart and getting it primed again.
I am going to be posting more frequently with the main blog still on Wednesday & Sunday. The new posts will be mostly links to relevant articles and maybe even some message board threads. Email any thoughts to And leave comments below.

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