Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trends in Lawn Service

Have you seen the articles about the bikini Lawn Services? Google it & you'll see how big it is getting. It is hard to find men that will cut grass much less women, much less young good looking women. I can't imagine they do much weed whacking or those pretty legs would be cut up. About every 4th blog alert I get emailed to me involves some version of this service so it is getting amazing run (attention).
Another trend that I see is organic lawn care. Check these links if you like , , . Organic ,
natural lawn care .
These companies use all natural fertilizer and weed control. It is not as effective as the normal methods but over time it is said to get good results and that is good enough for those concerned with chemicals on their property. So called "Green Companies", companies that are planet friendly, are gaining popularity everyday. Inc and Fast Company magazine have profiled many different green companies and some are very cool. If you can spot the trends in this or any other business you have a step on your competitors. Better yet just set the trends yourself!



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